A place where Kids can be Kids

Get wet, get dirty and get out and PLAY!

The Gang was created after a wonderful group of ‘founding families’ put their trust in a new style of outdoor education and play.

With this trust and belief, The Backyard Gang and Explorers offers every kid the opportunity to EXPLORE their very own HK Backyard. They DISCOVER new and awesome things, CREATE wonderful memories and awaken their natural CURIOSITY.


Every week we explore and play, using Earth, Wind, Water and fire to spark our curiosity. 


It is our world, let’s learn how to use it, enjoy it and look after it.


Develop an understanding of wind through wind related activities.


Learn how to be safe around water and all the wonderful things we can do with it.


An essential and mesmerizing element. Play safe, cook safe and be aware.


The Pillars of learning are the process we use when planning our Gang activities, they allow us to have clear Goals, but also allow flexibility for student led learning.

These Pillars  build confidence and ensure enjoyment, while still allowing us to offer engaging activities with clear guidelines that foster natural learning through play.


We strive to create an environment that allows all our Gang Members to EXPLORE their local surrounding and the wonderful things we can do in ‘Our Backyard’.


Each week there is something new to discover, whether it is a new insect we haven’t met yet, trails we haven’t walked yet or DISCOVERING new things about ourselves.


We actively encourage the Gang Members to engage their AWESOME young minds, ask questions and be curious about their surroundings and the tasks that we face.


With guidance and supervision our Gang members are always creating.  This is not just about creating a raft that floats, or a candle that burns brightly, but also about creating relationships and long lasting friendships.

What are you waiting for?