After 30+ collective years working with kids we couldn’t be more excited to follow our dreams and share our love of education and play.

Led by Chris’s boundless energy and 1000 percent effort we really hope that you like what we are aspiring to provide.


Growing up in West Sussex, UK was very different to our life here in HK.. I’m the second of 4 kids and spent the majority of my youth either in the pool or on a bike and generally trying to stay out of mischief.   I moved to Hong Kong in 2003 and met my girl soon after. We now have two little Eurasian babies, Jack and Georgia who are just awesome!   I am so fortunate to call Hong Kong my home, first as an expat and now intergrated into a Chinese family all of my own.

The opportunities in our Country are boundless and I’m so lucky to be able share these with every Kid (and adult) that I meet thorugh our programmes.  I truly hope you like what we have done and that we can add value to your lives too.

Backyard Roots Founder 


We have worked together before, and now we get a chance to do it again with the only limitation being our imaginations.

I trust her and hopefully she trusts me too!

She’s trekked across Iceland, to Machu Picchu and up Kilimanjaro (to name a few!) and knows the HK trails like the back of her hand.  She rules the netball court and will always be the first in the water at the beach, but most importantly, she can keep me organised.

Thank goodness she agreed to join us on this awesome adventure as Backyard Roots’ COO.

Oh yeah….and she’s amazing with kids.